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My 2006 Election Predictions

November 7, 2006

Senate: Tester, Casey, Whitehouse, Brown, Menendez, Cantwell, Cardin and Webb all win for the D’s. For the Republicans, Corker wins relatively big and Sen. Talent wins a nail-biter. Lieberman wins handily.

House: 26 seats move to the Democratic side. Close winners include McNerney (CA-11) , Kleeb (NE-03), Lampson (TX-22), Trauner (WY-AL), Grant (ID-01), Paccione (CO-04), Mahoney (FL-16), Cranley (OH-01) , Yarmuth (KY-03) and all three CT races.

Texas Governor, in order: Perry, Bell, Strayhorn, Kinky.

PS – Does anyone know how to use Sunlight Labs’ Popup Politicians on blogs?

Although I’m a proud independent, I’ll be watching the races closely to see if dems can pull out some big gains. I’ll be especially rooting for McNerney against Pombo in CA-11.

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The Democratic Party

March 3, 2006

Archana, in response to your previous post about the Peninsula Young Democrats.  The Onion sums up what I think of the state of the Democratic Party.  And for all who are interested, I think it’s pretty clear where I fall in the political specturm.