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We’re gonna miss you!

July 18, 2006

So I’ve been waiting for Archana to say it for a while. But alas Archana will be leaving very soon, although for those of you who don’t work with her, since she’ll still be blogging here (and elsewhere…?) you probably won’t notice anything different. But she’s always the one bailing the rest of us out and picking up the slack, so we’ll miss her even though we’ve found a fabulous replacement. I might just have to get on down to Guatemala next year, and with my friend Laksh going to the cricket world cup in the West Indies in April, I might just have to make a big ole trip out of it.

On an unrelated note, I am struggling mightily with setting up a new blog. This is hosted, and I’m experimenting around with the DIY WordPress, with the whole hosting thing and whatnot. I ain’t gonna lie: it’s hard and I’m stupid. But hopefully I’ll get a lot of insight at the BrainJams Rent-An-Expert thingy in two nights. If you are in SF and have stuff to learn or teach about tech stuff, this is the place to do it. Anyone can offer a session on any tech topic, and the “students” of each session make a small donation at the end of it based on how much value they got from it. At the end of the night everyone will vote on a charity that will recieve everyone’s donations. And there’s food and beer. So I’ll be there with bells on, and others should too.

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