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Bye for now…

May 14, 2007

There is nothing sadder than a blog that is just hanging there in eternity, its latest entry getting older and older… As you may have noticed, I’m on semi-permanent hiatus from our precious blog. As I prepare for the next big thing in life and relocate back to the States this month, time is of the essence, and I sadly just don’t have enough of it these days.

Hopefully someday, HinduChristianJew will be resurrected (or reincarnated, whatever you believe in), but for now, I’ll have to take solace in looking back on all these great archives and knowing that we furthered interfaith dialogue in our little corner of the world…

In the meantime, I am cleaning up our blogroll and adding some gems from folks I met at a recent Fulbright conference, so check those out and enjoy! Blessings from the land of eternal spring!

I’m not the only one in love with Interplast

December 16, 2006

Check out fave mommyblogger Queen of Spain on her blog and on HuffingtonPost… And check out the blog posts about how Interplast changes lives… And of course make a donation for the holidays!…

Check out Seth in Peru and Ecuador!

December 3, 2006

Seth is accompanying two Interplast trips to Peru and Ecuador, and he’s posting some great stuff on the Interplast blogs. My favorite story is the series Seth wrote on Javier, a former cleft patient who is now a radio DJ! To go from a debilitating deformity that causes profound speech impediments to following his dream of being on the air is just incredible. Of course, I used to work at Interplast, so I’m pretty biased… but at the holidays, I encourage all of you to consider donating to Interplast – take a look at Seth’s stories and I think you’ll agree that they are pretty amazing.

I’m working hard these days trying to get in lots of research before the entire city shuts down for the holidays for like three weeks, so I’ll be posting more soon from Guatemala!

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Fun Stuff from our Blogroll

November 22, 2006

Just three small notes from my favorite sites:

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WordPress is really hard for me (really)

August 6, 2006

Recently I’ve been experimenting with a wordpress blog hosted by an outside source (as opposed to this one which is hosted by, hence the URL). I’ve had a really hard time trying to customize themes, the vPIP plugin for my videos seems to work on some other computers but not mine (I’d love to hear if it works for you), I’ve had a hard time changing the feed to a feedburner one, and haven’t gotten a lot of useful advice from the codex (I was told to fool with my .htaccess file, and I don’t know what it is or where to find it). Everyone always talks about how easy wordpress is, but that has simply not been my experience (although is pretty simple).

Currently I’m at Wordcamp, which is a bunch of wordpress users talking about wordpress. Everyone here is really nice, but a lot of the sessions I voted for that were more oriented towards beginners were nixed. It’s still interesting, and I got to meet Enric of vPIP fame and have him help me out a bit (I’ve got some problem with my Windows Media Player that neither of us could work out), but I’ve been a little disappointed. I asked if there would be some sort of a WordPress meetup that wordpress guru numero uno and fellow Texan Matt seemed interested in, but there were dozens of questions that he was also interested in, so doubt sure it will happen. Posting notes in coffeeshops asking for wordpress help in return for beer or money have so far yielded no responses, but that’s probably because Ritual Roasters doesn’t have one, torpedoing my best opportunity.

I guess I’m just frustrated because it’s been a long time since I’ve been so lost and baffled by computers. What I want to do is interview people on Caltrain on a video recorder, transfer it to my computer, edit it a bit, host it on Blip and embed it in my blog to learn about the nation and people of Caltrainistan. At each step of the way I’ve encountered major problems. My recorder has some weird a/v issue where the audio doesn’t quite link up with the video, Windows Movie Maker is unreasonably hard to download (the website lies, it’s not automatically downloaded if you have their auto update thing enabled), Blip erased my video for a day even though some folks could still see it (I couldn’t) and vPIP is still not easy as pie.

I have a hard time learning things from online tutorials and things, and I learn much better in person. Maybe if there had been a skillshare part where people could bust out their laptops and get into it I would have gotten more out of this. Then again, the folks who know a lot probably wouldn’t want to come because they’d be busy at the sessions.

As I read back over this it paints a rather dark picture. I have enjoyed myself, and its neat to be here. They even had brisket, which I love. I guess my expectations were a little high. Well, enough blogging, I’m gonna walk around and see if I can’t get some tech support lovin’ around here.

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