About Us

The three of us found our common interest in interfaith issues, religion and politics, and all matters of pop culture at our workplace, Interplast, a nonprofit organization in the Bay Area.

(To be clear, our blog contains ONLY our personal views and does NOT reflect the opinions of Interplast – or any other subsequent employer – in any way. We do not use any Interplast resources or any of our time at work to manage this blog.)

Dismayed and motivated by the 2004 election, we banded together to combat the rise of right-wing religious extremism in the U.S. by sharing our insights and fostering some good ol’ interfaith dialogue on the issues….

We don’t think that “religious” means closed-minded, exclusionary or Republican. The media tends to divide the country between red-state/conservative/exurban/Cabela’s-loving bible-beaters and blue-state/liberal/pansy/unpatriotic/tofu-eating atheists. We don’t buy this phony division, and our faith has led us along a different path than the one proclaimed by the pundits:

Archana is a practicing Hindu and a non-practicing attorney. She is an unabashed lover of television, vegetarian cuisine, contemporary fiction, and politics. Having grown up in small-town Central Florida, she personally witnessed the transformation of her beloved state from blue to red. She is averse to all types of religious nationalism in the U.S., India, and around the world. She majored in religious studies, focusing on Hinduism and India.

Seth is a Jewish Texan who loves Willie Nelson, farmer’s markets, bicycles, beer, bingo halls, football, organic/spicy/cheap food, local stores, cats, camping, dragons, crowded trains, Crazy Buffet, Edward Abbey and Calvin and Hobbes.

Sara is a progressive Episcopalian, a “reluctant Christian,” in Annie Lamott terms. She loves being a working “soccer mom”—being able to pursue professional passions (and a paycheck) while still pretending to be a stay-at-home mom. After working in communications and politics for more than 20 years, she is hoping there is a way for the normally faithful and all decent folks to take back basic tenets crucial for our society: caring for the poor, justice, mercy, inclusion and forgiveness.


4 Responses to “About Us”

  1. razarumi Says:

    Archana, thanks for visiting my blog.
    One good thing is that I got to know about your blog which is most interesting. I like the energy and diversity of the posts here…

  2. proggiemuslima Says:

    Archana, thanks for added info about the Bush visit to Guatamala. I’m glad I followed the link to your blog; it’s got some very good post. But you guys should post more often!

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