Bye for now…

There is nothing sadder than a blog that is just hanging there in eternity, its latest entry getting older and older… As you may have noticed, I’m on semi-permanent hiatus from our precious blog. As I prepare for the next big thing in life and relocate back to the States this month, time is of the essence, and I sadly just don’t have enough of it these days.

Hopefully someday, HinduChristianJew will be resurrected (or reincarnated, whatever you believe in), but for now, I’ll have to take solace in looking back on all these great archives and knowing that we furthered interfaith dialogue in our little corner of the world…

In the meantime, I am cleaning up our blogroll and adding some gems from folks I met at a recent Fulbright conference, so check those out and enjoy! Blessings from the land of eternal spring!

4 Responses to “Bye for now…”

  1. Ruchira Paul Says:

    Yes, it is a sad event indeed when we close shop on a project which began as a labor of love. But as you said, you are too busy right now to give fair attention to the blog and rather than let it languish, think of resurrecting it another day. Meanwhile, all best with your move back to the US and whatever else you have lined up for the future.

  2. Twisted DNA Says:

    Sad to see you go. Your blog is unique in its own right. Hope you will restart it some time. In the meanwhile, keep in touch! Your hotmail address should work, right?

  3. Archana Says:

    Yes, I think the hotmail address should still work! Thanks, all!

  4. charlessoto46014 Says:

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