President Bush in Guatemala

It’s striking to see how much President Bush is a major part of life outside the US. His upcoming visit to Guatemala is on the front pages here everyday. Bush has never been here before, and will spend his whirlwind 24 hours in meetings in the capital and visiting a town nearby to highlight the benefits of free trade and US aid to Guate. They’ll be shutting down the streets in our Zone for his motorcade, and we’ve been hearing the sounds of security airplanes and helicopters for the past few days since they’ll be shutting down airspace too.

I hope while Bush is here, he will address the recent situation of violence here (the murder of some El Salvadoran congressmen followed by the execution of the confessed policemen/murderers/witnesses in jail). The NY Times has covered the story and so has DailyKos (where you’ll see the historic politics-religion connection…). And, in honor of International Women’s Day, it was interesting to see al-Jazeera (which oddly comes on cable here) cover the Guatemalan femicide… All this should give you pause about criminal justice and impunity everywhere.

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10 Responses to “President Bush in Guatemala”

  1. Twisted DNA Says:

    “which oddly comes on cable here”
    What? Really? I wish we get it in the US too. It would be fun to see what they show on that channel. I actually listen to the Christian radio and the right wing radio stations here in the bay area and it’s really interesting to see the fear they try to inculcate in the audience. Not sure how Al-Jaz is.

    Didn’t realize you are in Guate!

  2. Archana Says:

    Al-Jazeera is surprisingly “fair and balanced” (i.e., kind of like Fox) – it has a slant, but not nearly as offensive as I’d imagined…

    Check this out: Mayans here in Guatemala will purify a traditional archaeological site after Bush’s visit on Monday:

  3. Twisted DNA Says:

    Yeah, just read about it and ROFL’d. What we need to purify is the White House using the vintage ritual called “impeachment” 😀

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