Happy Burning of the Devil Day!

Today is “Quema del Diablo”, or the day that residents of the city light all their old stuff in flames! How cool is that? (Although I guess there are some environmental problems…) Students burn their old notes from the school year gone by, residents burn everything they don’t need.

Yesterday, while walking to the library, I saw stands set up by the side of the road selling fireworks and bright red, paper mache devil pinatas! I don’t have much to burn since I haven’t been here long, but I thought that given the religious tone of our blog, it would be fun to celebrate Burning the Devil Day together!

Don’t forget to keep checking out Seth in Peru!

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4 Responses to “Happy Burning of the Devil Day!”

  1. Rudy Girón Says:

    Oh you should check my “Quema del Diablo in Antigua” entry on December 7th. I believe I did capture the essence, but I rather hear your opinion.

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