Check out Seth in Peru and Ecuador!

Seth is accompanying two Interplast trips to Peru and Ecuador, and he’s posting some great stuff on the Interplast blogs. My favorite story is the series Seth wrote on Javier, a former cleft patient who is now a radio DJ! To go from a debilitating deformity that causes profound speech impediments to following his dream of being on the air is just incredible. Of course, I used to work at Interplast, so I’m pretty biased… but at the holidays, I encourage all of you to consider donating to Interplast – take a look at Seth’s stories and I think you’ll agree that they are pretty amazing.

I’m working hard these days trying to get in lots of research before the entire city shuts down for the holidays for like three weeks, so I’ll be posting more soon from Guatemala!

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13 Responses to “Check out Seth in Peru and Ecuador!”

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