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Does Chanukah Really Have to Jump on the Commercialism Bandwagon?

December 23, 2006

One of the benefits of being a member of a minority faith/race/culture is that marketers of stupid shit usually don’t cater too much to you, leaving the crass displays of commercialism to other groups with larger numbers.

Well, not always. While reading one of the local papers I saw an ad for Chanukkah related chew toys. This is the closest I could find online, but it really doesn’t do it justice.dreidel

Sweet. I too can watch a dog shred a symbol relevant to my religion. Archana, you got anything similar to deal with?



An early Christmas present for YOU

December 20, 2006

… the 12 Days of Indian Christmas!

Lots of religion in the news/blogs lately: the New Atheists, Matthew LaClair and his crazy proselytizing high school history teacher, Sam Brownback (is he always in the news lately or what??)…

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I’m not the only one in love with Interplast

December 16, 2006

Check out fave mommyblogger Queen of Spain on her blog and on HuffingtonPost… And check out the blog posts about how Interplast changes lives… And of course make a donation for the holidays!…

Soy milk makes you gay?

December 13, 2006

Can you believe this guy? He claims that soy makes children gay. How bizarre. Here are some funny commentaries from Wonkette, TGW, and DailyKos.

Number 1 – he’s apparently only talking about boys, although he never makes that entirely clear.

Number 2 – what about all those people in Asia?

Number 3 – LOVE the lack of links supporting anything he’s saying.

As a straight, lactose-intolerant woman who has been drinking soy milk for most of my life, the entire article is hilarious – you have to read it. I don’t get why the right-wing always makes it seem like there is something sinister and threatening to American values about soy and vegetarians. Given that I like both of those things and I like America, I’m particularly curious…

In a comical linguistic snafu, I was trying to find more blogs about this ridiculous article, and typed “soy gay” into Google, only to get tons of Spanish-language books and list-serves for gay Latin Americans (“soy gay” translates into “I am gay” in Spanish) through my

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Happy Burning of the Devil Day!

December 7, 2006

Today is “Quema del Diablo”, or the day that residents of the city light all their old stuff in flames! How cool is that? (Although I guess there are some environmental problems…) Students burn their old notes from the school year gone by, residents burn everything they don’t need.

Yesterday, while walking to the library, I saw stands set up by the side of the road selling fireworks and bright red, paper mache devil pinatas! I don’t have much to burn since I haven’t been here long, but I thought that given the religious tone of our blog, it would be fun to celebrate Burning the Devil Day together!

Don’t forget to keep checking out Seth in Peru!

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5.8 Earthquake in Guatemala

December 4, 2006

We had a moderate earthquake today in Guatemala City that felt like a pretty big one! We’re doing fine and there appears to be no damage or disruption of power.  The entire building was rocking back and forth and felt like it was on water for about 60 seconds, though. Pretty frightening…

Check out the US Geological Survey for some cool maps…

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Check out Seth in Peru and Ecuador!

December 3, 2006

Seth is accompanying two Interplast trips to Peru and Ecuador, and he’s posting some great stuff on the Interplast blogs. My favorite story is the series Seth wrote on Javier, a former cleft patient who is now a radio DJ! To go from a debilitating deformity that causes profound speech impediments to following his dream of being on the air is just incredible. Of course, I used to work at Interplast, so I’m pretty biased… but at the holidays, I encourage all of you to consider donating to Interplast – take a look at Seth’s stories and I think you’ll agree that they are pretty amazing.

I’m working hard these days trying to get in lots of research before the entire city shuts down for the holidays for like three weeks, so I’ll be posting more soon from Guatemala!

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