Life: photos of cells and embryos

I just saw a piece on the Today Show about this new book of incredible photographs by the Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson containing pretty stunning photos of human stem cells, blood vessels, and embryos. Two quick thoughts:

1) It annoys me when TV news shows put up subtitles for brown people speaking English with accents (like Pervez Musharraf), but not for white people (like Lennart Nilsson), who can be just as tough to understand as any desi…

2) Although the photos are really amazing, it seems to me that someone on the Today Show should have raised the issue of their use for anti-abortion propoganda. When these types of fetus pictures first came out in Life years ago, they were quickly turned into pro-life emblems. In fact, when I searched on Google for the link to the Today Show website, I couldn’t even find the piece about the new book on MSNBC. Instead, all these pro-life websites came up, encouraging anti-abortion activists to use photos of fetuses as a tool in their protests, on websites, etc. to shame women considering abortions and deny them their constitutional rights.

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