Guns and Child Molestation

If there is anything we’ve learned about the American people and the party in power over the past week, it’s that even the prospect of child molesters on the loose won’t get the Republican Party to give up on either Dennis Hastert or its guns. Three school shootings in one week – what more does it take to get us out there talking about gun control??? Check out this essay, which echoes my feelings exactly. We are out of whack with the rest of the industrialized world. Living here in Guatemala, I see my share of guns everyday, mostly on the shoulders of private security guards outside our building, across the university campus, in front of every shop and restaurant, even at the gym. Although I’m often happy they’re around, I recognize that this many guns can’t be all good…

I can bring myself to understand how middle America folk might have legally purchased guns for hunting and skeet shooting, but buying multiple shotguns, handguns, and 600 rounds of ammo to take over a peaceful Amish one-room schoolhouse – or any other school for that matter – is just not defensible. There’s room for all of us to come together on this, and I think we can find common ground in the realm of faith. If we take lessons from our different religions about LIFE, nonviolence, freedom, and peace, I’m convinced we could find some common ground that moves away from the extreme NRA position that currently rules our nation. There is another sad thread that runs through the events of last week: child sexual abuse. The Amish schoolhouse gunman molested girl relatives at such a young age; Mark Foley sexually harassed at least one young page and maybe more; Foley himself claims to have been molested as a boy; and, both the Pennsylvania and Colorado shooters intended to molest female schoolchildren. All this should send up a flare: child molestation and sexual abuse is much more common than we choose to talk about openly, and often not discussed until its effects play out years later… Let’s not let this month be simply about the mid-term elections, the implosion of the Republican Congress, or mourning for the lives lost or damaged. Let’s remember the victims of guns and child molestation and vow to do something about it, together. (UPDATE: Check out Sara’s Sunday Rant for more…)

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2 Responses to “Guns and Child Molestation”

  1. Twisted DNA Says:

    Glad to see somebody as fuming over this as I am. Who could’ve expected those two people, Foley and that amish guy, to be child molesters or such menaces to the society? It’s just scary to think how many other people are around us like them!

  2. Archana Says:

    My mom doesn’t like to use the comment feature herself, so she Skypes me and tells me what to write. She says that she’s sick of all the Foley coverage and wants the media to cover important things like how we’re going to fix the health insurance problem and Social Security. The election should be based on things that really make a difference in the daily lives of retirees like her and my dad, not sensationalism. Go mom!

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