Sorry for the blogging absence – still getting my feet wet here in Guatemala City.

I take this day to remember all who were lost, and all that we as a nation have lost. I was in Boston on that fateful morning, watching the events unfold on television, but I remember a glorious summer morning in 2000, performing my daily ritual of climbing out of the subway station under the World Trade Center, looking up at the blue sky, picking up a Krispy Kreme donut, running into a friend under the shadows of the towers and having a chat, then walking to work…

Sadly, there’s a lot of hate out there in the blogosphere on this occasion. Instead, I chose to look for faith, love, and humor. Here are a few blogs in honor of the 5th anniversary of September 11th.



My prayer today is for peace, fearlessness, and the hope that we will treasure and fight for the freedoms that we as Americans value and hold dear… I hope you’ll join me…


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