Yay Patsy Madrid!

I was so happy to read this today on DailyKos!  Some of you might remember that I got to meet Patsy Madrid, who is running for the House of Representatives in New Mexico against cry-baby Heather Wilson, at a Peninsula Young Democrats event earlier this year.  I have to say, Patsy was a great speaker and committed to Democratic and working class values.  I was totally impressed by her cultural pride as the first Latina attorney general.  In our personal conversation, she revealed that she and her husband have visited India and have strong support among the Indian-American community in New Mexico and southern California.  She is the real deal, folks – keep an eye on her and donate money if you can!

3 Responses to “Yay Patsy Madrid!”

  1. Bill Clinton Says:

    Who is crying now!

    VIVA Republicans and the 1st district is safe again!

  2. Archana Says:

    Well, I’m certainly sad about Patsy Madrid, who was a great candidate and will certainly be a future star, but I think the NM-01 is a fair exchange for… CONTROL OF THE HOUSE AND SENATE… YAY!!!

  3. Archana Says:

    Wait a minute, DailyKos has the race still undecided (even though I too had read somewhere else this morning that Wilson was going to take it):


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