Sen. Allen, Macacas, and Indians

Oh no, Senator Allen too? When I saw the NYT headline, “Verbal Gaffe From a Senator, Then an Apology,” I was sure it was about Biden (see below). Instead, it was about the fact that George Allen called a worker on Jim Webb‘s campaign a macaca – which I guess is either a monkey from Asia or a slur against north Africans…

Since when has it become okay to dole out stereotypes and racial slurs to South Asians on the campaign trail? And is any of this connected to this scary poll showing that a whole bunch of Americans advocate ID cards for Muslims (and presumably those of us who look like Muslims)? I hope that we as South Asians are not being used as proxies for a danger that is much broader, much vaster, and much more complicated than any one immigrant community… We need to stand up and educate our fellow citizens about our diversity, our love for America, our work ethic, and our brown pride.

Secretly, I wonder if Allen’s snafu is a way of deliberately drawing attention to the fact that Webb’s wife is Asian-American, thereby playing the racist card to appeal to sheltered Virginians afraid of foreigners and immigrants…

5 Responses to “Sen. Allen, Macacas, and Indians”

  1. JudiPhilly Says:

    Yes, I believe bigotry is on the rise and that it has even become more acceptable to voice one’s views. See, for example, my post at

    Think Progress also reports that a Fox guest suggested that there should be separate check-in lines at airports for Muslims. See:, and many in the audience clapped. Very distressing.

  2. Twisted DNA Says:

    ID cards for Muslims? Man that’s scary! I can’t even begin to think about how many human rights voilations that will lead to. Why don’t we make them wear a crescent on their arm like those Jews were wearing in Poland during WWII!

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