Letter to Chris Matthews

I’ve always felt ambivalent on Chris Matthews, but usually enjoy his shows for the commentary and interviews. But, after yesterday’s show, I sent this e-mail:


I usually enjoy Hardball and the Sunday Chris Matthews Show, but today I was appalled that you would give airtime to Ann Coulter and her lunatic and homophobic theories about Bill Clinton.

After the way she insulted 9/11 widows, you should not have invited her on your show, let alone say, “You’re great, Ann!” – I was shocked to hear you utter those words when you signed off from the interview with her.

I expect hard talk from you, Chris, not stroking the ego of a vile and hateful woman like Ann Coulter, who has no respect for the suffering of others. If you won’t speak out, who will???

I’m not sure I can watch your show in good conscience anymore.”

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