The Syrian government is such a bitch

Way to go, Syria. First you financially and militarily support Hezbollah. Then you encourage them to get all uppity, which then causes them to invade Israel, capture a couple soldiers, and kill a few more. This enrages the Israelis, who are not known for their sense of humor and chilled-out-itude about such things. They go over-the-top bonkers. Then they take it out on all of Lebanon, fucking up the country because they won’t disarm Hezbollah (which they don’t have the will/desire/strength to do). Then, while your neighbor is getting its ass kicked because of someone else’s actions, you offer to help pay to rebuild.

In summary, Syria stokes the flames in someone else’s house, gives plenty of gasoline, and then once the house is burning, offers to chip in for the damage, while still giving more gas. Seems sorta hypocritical.

My advice (see Sara, I can give my opinion even when I’ll be ignored by who I’m talking to and still feel good about it): Israel: stop attacking Beirut and killing tons of civillians and fucking up infrastructure doesn’t convince Lebanon that Hezbollah sucks, they already know that. Syria: stop backing Hezbollah and causing devastation in other countries. Lebanon: duck and cover. Hezbollah: fuck off, you’re a terrible house guest.

Even though I joke a bit, my heart goes out to the families of those killed on all sides.

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One Response to “The Syrian government is such a bitch”

  1. Gregory Kelly Says:

    Israel’s “PR Problem The (Posted by Daniel McKivergan on July 14, 2006 09:31 AM )

    The Washington Post’s David Ignatius informs us today that the U.S. and Israel have a “public opinion” problem. We’re further told that America needs to be an “honest broker” between Israel, a democracy, and the tyrant states and terrorist groups that surround it. But, as Charles Krauthammer writes in his excellent Post column today, Israel’s “PR” problem, in the eyes of many, begins with its very existence.

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