I met John Kerry!

Thanks to PYD and PYD supporter (and legendary Dem fundraiser) Mark Gorenberg, five of us young democrats attended a dinner last night with John Kerry and supporters of his initiative “Keeping America’s Promise.” This post will be one of a three-part series on recent events like this that I got to attend recently through PYD and WinBackTheHouse.

Keeping America’s Promise has given millions of dollars and valuable expertise to Democrats like Tammy Duckworth, Jim Webb and Francine Busby. Last night renewed my hope – it’s time to restore America’s place in the world and hold Bush and his cronies ACCOUNTABLE. And we can do it – we are very close…

Senator Kerry was articulate, concise, and inspiring – (and forgive me for a Wonkette moment, much better looking in real-life than on TV – tan, fit, handsome!). In what seems to be a pattern for Bush opponents in recent presidential races, he suddenly seemed less wooden and more forceful than he ever did during the campaign – makes you wonder “if only?”…

I had been annoyed that Kerry has been acting like a Shadow President for the past year and a half – sending me lengthy policy e-mails at every administration decision or every Congressional debate. But, after last night, I really gained some respect for the fact that Kerry didn’t just fade into obscurity after losing the election, but has kept himself in the news and made his voice heard.

Kerry touched on faith, which of course remains of interest to this Hindu, Christian, and Jew. He got revved up talking about the “charlatans” who used the 2004 election to promote a pro-business, pro-spending, pro-war agenda using Christian rhetoric. In fact, it sounded like he was going the route of Hillary Clinton on abortion – “safe, rare, and legal” being the key phrase.

He also noted that he would get a 95% score according to Catholic voter’s guides, while Bush would score only a 5% or so – since Kerry’s faith also guides his positions on the war in Iraq, the death penalty, gun violence, poverty issues, veterans and children’s health care. He said we have to stop allowing “cafeteria Christians” to pick and choose abortion and gay marriage over all other issues of compassion and faith. I love that phrase and am now going to use it everywhere…

All you under-35’s in the Bay Area, sign up for PYD and maybe you’ll get to meet the future President of the United States at another great event like this… And all you over-35’s across the country, give to Keeping America’s Promise and Win Back the House to see some real change this fall!

3 Responses to “I met John Kerry!”

  1. Pam Perkins Says:

    Archana, What are the chances that Kerry will run again. Your comments are encouraging. Have you seen an “Inconvenient Truth?” I really thought it was fantastic and is pushing my envelope about how I can make changes in my life. Will look forward to talking with you more about it. Pam

  2. Andrew Byrnes Says:

    Thanks for this entry, Archana! Peninsula Young Democrats (PYD) is all about providing young Democrats who live or work on the Peninsula with the opportunity to get involved politically in a variety of ways. I encourage anyone with an interest in real change in this country — and the state — as well as an interest in meeting similarly minded people — to check us out.

    Andrew Byrnes
    Founder & Chair, Peninsula Young Democrats

  3. Khyati Joshi Says:

    what you wrote was very interesting. i have seen Kerry several times in person and while he has interesting things to say – the passion does not come throught – was the passion there? do you think he has a shot?

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