Annadaata – Eh.

It was good. Just not $9 good.

And by the way, I've totally gotten over my prevoius snobbishness about Indian food in America. When I got back from India I was pretty bad for a few months (you call this Indian food?!?! Pshaw!), but now I can appreciate them for their differences.

Oddly enough, the delivery man couldn't pronounce Archana's name. I sorta expected this, but I guess that was unreasonable. You'd think that the majority of their customers would be Indian or of Indian descent. Then again, maybe lots of their customers are folks like our office, where there's one Indian or Indian-American who shows the rest of us the light regarding Indian food.

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One Response to “Annadaata – Eh.”

  1. Archana Says:

    Note: Seth got the North Indian vegetarian, not South Indian like I did! Also, the delivery man wasn’t Indian… gotta love Silicon Valley!

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