Say it loud, say it proud, Kos

Right on.

Have I mentioned how much I like DailyKos? I don't actually read it every day, it's a little too much information. But I check up on it in spurts.

More than just the posts, I'm really in love with the idea of DailyKos. In a conversation with my friend Neal at the Net Squared conference, I was discussing why I think DailyKos is truely the future of the Democratic Party, much more so than the DLC or MoveOn. I don't know anyone who has ever interacted with the DLC. Maybe it's because I don't live in D.C. They strike me as an elitist, out-of-touch cabal of Washingtonians who are more comfortable at a cocktail party than a union hall, vegan pot-luck or taqueria. MoveOn, whose co-founder Joan Blades spoke with Amy Goodman, was utterly forgettable (unlike Amy, whose eloquence, charisma and intelligence blew me away). She claimed that MoveOn didn't have a blog because they didn't have time. I wasn't the only one to call bullshit on that one. There's hundreds of bloggers that would love to help orcestrate a MoveOn blog. The whole group seemed to be very top down.

But that's eactly the problem the Dmocratic Party has run into the past few elections. They keep trying to cram shitty candidates down our throats and expect people to vote for them simply because they're not Republicans. And they create hit campaigns for other candidates who do manage to excite the rank and file.

DailyKos is a vibrant place that turns everyday people into passionate community members. Lots of people. Bottom up. They might be wrong too, but they'll be closer to what people think than the Martha's Vineyard / DC / NYC triumvirate

DailKos relies on opinions and arguments from those who care enough to speak out, not those with enough money to spend. Busy people spend lots of time there. I'd like to think of the Democratic Party (I'm a registered independent, btw) as one that listens to the people, but I don't think it is. Maybe DK will bring it back. I hope so.

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