Gay Marriage Amendment – Call your Senators

Just a reminder to call your Senators and encourage them to vote NO on the gay marriage amendment (including a vote on cloture). Here’s where you get the number for your Senator. [I wrote to my senators, and already heard back from Sen. Feinstein – almost immediately.]

Gavin Newsom kicked Charlie Gibson’s ass on Good Morning America – we should all be so eloquent about the fact that this is all stale rhetoric and nothing but a pandering move by the President. To write discrimination into the Constitution is morally wrong and it will go nowhere. To remind ourselves what a colossal waste of time this is, here is a top ten list of other things I think the President could be focusing on instead of gay-bashing and enshrining discrimination in the Constitution:

  1. Getting us out of Iraq
  2. Lowering gas prices
  3. Stopping global warming
  4. True immigration reform
  5. Improving the public schools
  6. Making health care more affordable
  7. Homeland security
  8. Preparing for hurricane season
  9. The AIDS crisis in Africa
  10. Taking care of our veterans when they come home

And that’s just the top ten! I bet we could come up with a lot more – feel free to share…

The American people will recognize this gay-marriage-silliness for what it really is – a political stunt by an incompetent president whose poll numbers are tanking and who is about to drag his whole party down with him. Here are some more links about the debate today:

2 Responses to “Gay Marriage Amendment – Call your Senators”

  1. Me [sic] Says:

    You know, I thought America would see this administration what it was really for, too. But honestly this country’s population has me in an incredible depression. So much that I’ve lost the respect for the nation as a whole… and I live here! It’s bad enough that he lied to get us into war, but even worse that America voted him back in. As the old saying REALLY goes, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Shame on America. Shame, shame, shame.

  2. B Says:

    here is what I wrote my biggoted senators. I imagine it was met by an intern’s snide remarks:

    Dear Senator Kit Bond,

    In America, there is a separation between church and state, prohibiting legislatures from debating the “sanctity” of institutions, arrangements or behaviors. Such questions are appropriate within religious institutions and among faith communities. Please uphold Missouri’s commitment to small government by not allowing the federal government to assume the role of my pastor by determining what is and is not theologically appropriate.

    As a secular entity, the government has an obligation to administer legal statuses on a non-prejudicial basis, especially when these statuses affect how citizens are taxed, their ability to make life decisions and their ability to be compensated for the death of their partner.

    Gay or straight, these civil arrangements must be equal before our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Again, please leave the speculation of their equality before God to my religious community.
    Best regards,

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