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John Kerry and me! (and a bunch of other folks too…)

June 25, 2006

It's a little dark, but cool nonetheless!

John Kerry and PYD!

I wish Judaism was this cool…

June 21, 2006

Man. I'm quite content with my Judaism. I really am. But I am sorta jealous of how excited certain Hindus and Christians get at a potential manifestation of the divine. This modern-day Hanuman is the latest example. Apparently a guy in India has a quasi tail, is vegetarian, climbs trees and acts like a monkey. This earns him tons of followers. Cool, huh? Sorta reminds me of the hubub surrounding statues of Mary that weep blood. Judaism has no equivalent to this, which is really unfortunate. Is it any wonder that there are only thirteen million Jews in the world?

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I met John Kerry!

June 17, 2006

Thanks to PYD and PYD supporter (and legendary Dem fundraiser) Mark Gorenberg, five of us young democrats attended a dinner last night with John Kerry and supporters of his initiative “Keeping America’s Promise.” This post will be one of a three-part series on recent events like this that I got to attend recently through PYD and WinBackTheHouse.

Keeping America’s Promise has given millions of dollars and valuable expertise to Democrats like Tammy Duckworth, Jim Webb and Francine Busby. Last night renewed my hope – it’s time to restore America’s place in the world and hold Bush and his cronies ACCOUNTABLE. And we can do it – we are very close…

Senator Kerry was articulate, concise, and inspiring – (and forgive me for a Wonkette moment, much better looking in real-life than on TV – tan, fit, handsome!). In what seems to be a pattern for Bush opponents in recent presidential races, he suddenly seemed less wooden and more forceful than he ever did during the campaign – makes you wonder “if only?”…

I had been annoyed that Kerry has been acting like a Shadow President for the past year and a half – sending me lengthy policy e-mails at every administration decision or every Congressional debate. But, after last night, I really gained some respect for the fact that Kerry didn’t just fade into obscurity after losing the election, but has kept himself in the news and made his voice heard.

Kerry touched on faith, which of course remains of interest to this Hindu, Christian, and Jew. He got revved up talking about the “charlatans” who used the 2004 election to promote a pro-business, pro-spending, pro-war agenda using Christian rhetoric. In fact, it sounded like he was going the route of Hillary Clinton on abortion – “safe, rare, and legal” being the key phrase.

He also noted that he would get a 95% score according to Catholic voter’s guides, while Bush would score only a 5% or so – since Kerry’s faith also guides his positions on the war in Iraq, the death penalty, gun violence, poverty issues, veterans and children’s health care. He said we have to stop allowing “cafeteria Christians” to pick and choose abortion and gay marriage over all other issues of compassion and faith. I love that phrase and am now going to use it everywhere…

All you under-35’s in the Bay Area, sign up for PYD and maybe you’ll get to meet the future President of the United States at another great event like this… And all you over-35’s across the country, give to Keeping America’s Promise and Win Back the House to see some real change this fall!

Annadaata – Eh.

June 15, 2006

It was good. Just not $9 good.

And by the way, I've totally gotten over my prevoius snobbishness about Indian food in America. When I got back from India I was pretty bad for a few months (you call this Indian food?!?! Pshaw!), but now I can appreciate them for their differences.

Oddly enough, the delivery man couldn't pronounce Archana's name. I sorta expected this, but I guess that was unreasonable. You'd think that the majority of their customers would be Indian or of Indian descent. Then again, maybe lots of their customers are folks like our office, where there's one Indian or Indian-American who shows the rest of us the light regarding Indian food.

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Annadaata – Yum!

June 14, 2006

I really liked the Indian food today.  Here is the article we read.  We ordered from Annadaata.  Very efficient service and delivery, and yummy, authentic South Indian food – just like my mom would make!  We even got most of the Interplast staff to join in!  Seth?…

Indian Food Here I Come

June 13, 2006

So a while ago Archana or I read an article about businesses that cater to Indians in Silicon Valley by bringing traditional Indian lunches or dinners to places of work.  We decided to try it, got lazy/busy, and never got around to it until recently. Note: it was Archana who got around to kicking all of our asses into gear enough to actually order, pick a day, etc.  Anyway, tomorrow is the day, so I'll let y'all know how it goes.

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Three links for the day

June 9, 2006

1. Moby's gonna kick your ass unless you fight for Net Neutrality.

2. Cats + Stuff = Awesome.

3. Does appearing on Geek Entertainment TV make me a geek?

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Say it loud, say it proud, Kos

June 8, 2006

Right on.

Have I mentioned how much I like DailyKos? I don't actually read it every day, it's a little too much information. But I check up on it in spurts.

More than just the posts, I'm really in love with the idea of DailyKos. In a conversation with my friend Neal at the Net Squared conference, I was discussing why I think DailyKos is truely the future of the Democratic Party, much more so than the DLC or MoveOn. I don't know anyone who has ever interacted with the DLC. Maybe it's because I don't live in D.C. They strike me as an elitist, out-of-touch cabal of Washingtonians who are more comfortable at a cocktail party than a union hall, vegan pot-luck or taqueria. MoveOn, whose co-founder Joan Blades spoke with Amy Goodman, was utterly forgettable (unlike Amy, whose eloquence, charisma and intelligence blew me away). She claimed that MoveOn didn't have a blog because they didn't have time. I wasn't the only one to call bullshit on that one. There's hundreds of bloggers that would love to help orcestrate a MoveOn blog. The whole group seemed to be very top down.

But that's eactly the problem the Dmocratic Party has run into the past few elections. They keep trying to cram shitty candidates down our throats and expect people to vote for them simply because they're not Republicans. And they create hit campaigns for other candidates who do manage to excite the rank and file.

DailyKos is a vibrant place that turns everyday people into passionate community members. Lots of people. Bottom up. They might be wrong too, but they'll be closer to what people think than the Martha's Vineyard / DC / NYC triumvirate

DailKos relies on opinions and arguments from those who care enough to speak out, not those with enough money to spend. Busy people spend lots of time there. I'd like to think of the Democratic Party (I'm a registered independent, btw) as one that listens to the people, but I don't think it is. Maybe DK will bring it back. I hope so.

Gay Marriage Amendment – Call your Senators

June 6, 2006

Just a reminder to call your Senators and encourage them to vote NO on the gay marriage amendment (including a vote on cloture). Here’s where you get the number for your Senator. [I wrote to my senators, and already heard back from Sen. Feinstein – almost immediately.]

Gavin Newsom kicked Charlie Gibson’s ass on Good Morning America – we should all be so eloquent about the fact that this is all stale rhetoric and nothing but a pandering move by the President. To write discrimination into the Constitution is morally wrong and it will go nowhere. To remind ourselves what a colossal waste of time this is, here is a top ten list of other things I think the President could be focusing on instead of gay-bashing and enshrining discrimination in the Constitution:

  1. Getting us out of Iraq
  2. Lowering gas prices
  3. Stopping global warming
  4. True immigration reform
  5. Improving the public schools
  6. Making health care more affordable
  7. Homeland security
  8. Preparing for hurricane season
  9. The AIDS crisis in Africa
  10. Taking care of our veterans when they come home

And that’s just the top ten! I bet we could come up with a lot more – feel free to share…

The American people will recognize this gay-marriage-silliness for what it really is – a political stunt by an incompetent president whose poll numbers are tanking and who is about to drag his whole party down with him. Here are some more links about the debate today:

Desis at the Spelling Bee

June 2, 2006

Besides all the Indian contestants at last night's Scripps National Spelling Bee, there was another South Asian angle – the words themselves!  We were tickled to see izzat and kundalini featured among the top 25 championship words!   Congratulations, Kerry Close!