Professor Khyati Joshi’s new book on Indian America

I recently had dinner with my old friend Khyati Joshi (and her fabulous husband John Bartlett) and learned that her fantastic book about second generation Indian-Americans will be on the shelves (and at Amazon) in June.  It’s called New Roots in America’s Sacred Ground:  Religion, Race and Ethnicity in Indian America (Rutgers University Press).  Of course we’ll have more extensive coverage when the book comes out (and maybe we can entice her into doing an interview on our blog???), but I encourage all of you – Indian or not – to keep an eye out for it!  It’ll be really relevant to any consideration of the U.S. in a post-9/11 context…

3 Responses to “Professor Khyati Joshi’s new book on Indian America”

  1. Amardeep Says:

    Hey, I know Khyati Joshi too. Tell her hi for me if you see her again at some point.

    And thanks for the heads-up about her book!

  2. hinduchristianjew Says:

    That’s great! I was thinking that you two should meet given your academic interests. Great to hear from you and hopefully we’ll have more on her book soon!

  3. karigar Says:

    Are you putting out a review / interview on the book?
    Just wondered, Thanks.

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