Random Thoughts

Sorry for being MIA recently – all three of us have been crazy-busy at Interplast, and in fact, Sara is in China right now! Check out her blog…  In the meantime, a few random thoughts…

  • GREAT article in the Times today about Jesus and politics, “Christ Among the Partisans.” My favorite quote: “Jesus should not be recruited as a campaign aide. To trivialize the mystery of Jesus is not to serve the Gospels.”
  • I heard Eboo Patel on NPR’s This I Believe series recently – sounds like a great guy with a great organization. It reminded me how interfaith connections are so important in the high school years and younger. Interfaith dialogue fostering respect and earnest curiosity belongs in the most formative years of every young American’s life…
  • As an avid fan of prayer, I can’t stop thinking about the recent study on prayer and health. I guess it only confirms that praying for any single outcome may not be as important as simply praying for the strength to handle whatever comes our way. (And the lesson of not letting the pray-ee know about the pray-or is pretty enlightening too…)
  • Tom Delay is finally a quitter – I wonder what backroom dealings it took to get him out of Texas? I for one thought that part of being a Christian – or any person of faith – was being accountable for one’s mistakes and asking for forgiveness, but I guess to Tom Delay that just means fleeing the state and using it as an excuse…
  • And of course, sticking with our favorite “family values” Republicans of the week, can you believe that 4th-in-command-at-Homeland-Security Brian Doyle’s background check didn’t turn up his prior, ahem, interests? Funny that the President issued an executive order to the Department of Homeland Security just last month to establish a center for “faith-based” initiatives…
  • Have any of you heard of the Metanexus Initiative? I haven’t done much research yet, but they seem really interesting according to their website… I was just wondering if they were legit (or some kind of front like the Discovery Institute…)

One Response to “Random Thoughts”

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