Interfaith leaders against immigration legislation

Just wanted to give a shout-out to the local Bay area interfaith community.  Clergy of all stripes took a stand at Santa Clara University yesterday to protest proposed federal legislation that would make it a crime to “harbor” undocumented immigrants – including “criminal behavior” like babysitting an undocumented child, feeding or sheltering an undocumented family, or teaching an undocumented worker to speak English.

I’ve been watching this story for the past few weeks and have been profoundly disturbed by the nativist rhetoric that is pervading California and national politics around immigration reform.  Some of you may have read about Cardinal Mahony’s courageous stand in Los Angeles in the NY Times or at Street Prophets

I was glad to see the movement against this legislation spread beyond the Catholic Church here in the Bay Area to include leaders of all faiths, including Buddhist monk Thich Giac Luong, Lutheran minister Carol Been, and many others.  No matter what your faith, please call or e-mail your senators and encourage them to denounce this legislation, which is devoid of all compassion and lacking in the so-called “values” promoted by the religious right-wing extreme.

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