LOVED the Oscars!

LOVED the Academy Awards last night!  LOVED Jon Stewart!  LOVED Three 6 Mafia!  LOVED Crash!

Did you realize that the woman who wrote and sang the song from Crash was Congresswoman Andrea Wyatt from West Wing (Toby’s ex-wife)?  We were all thinking, “God, she looks familiar…”  And Danny from my other favorite show, “Related,” was nominated for best adapted screenplay – who knew???

As far as dresses go, I thought Jennifer Aniston’s was classic-gorgeous, and Salma Hayek looked amazing.  Ludacris won best-dressed male in my book.  Worst dress – Charlize Theron.

Jon was definitely a little tense through the beginning, but got funnier as he loosened up. Those fake Swift-Boat ads were hilarious – great to see the whole Daily Show crew get in on the action. 

Bringing it back to what this blog’s all about – I thought George Clooney’s acceptance speech was where it’s at.  It’s fine for Hollywood and its fans to be “out of touch,” if that means that we’re not a part of the Bush administration’s ridiculous incompetence, cover-ups, and corruption.  The slate of best picture nominees shows that Hollywood and discerning movie audiences are not afraid to stand up and address some of the major social concerns of our day.  I recommend that all of us watch (or re-watch) “Crash” in honor of last night…

One Response to “LOVED the Oscars!”

  1. Ushi Says:

    All I have to say is…”It’s hard out here for a pimp.”

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