Hindu Priests Purify Site After Bush Visit

Check this out. Because Bush’s security team used dogs to see if there were bombs at Gandhi’s samadhi in Delhi, Hindu priests purified the site after Bush left. I don’t quite know why I find this so funny, but I do.

Mea Culpa: When I first went to India, my friend Laksh and his sister took me and some of our friends to Gandhi’s samadhi. I tryed showing off my knowledge of Asian history (it’s what I studied in college) and general contrarian nature by talking about some of Gandhi’s personal and philosophical shortcomings. Laksh’s sister is very religious, and probably didn’t appreciate my conversation, and I deeply regret my actions. We all live and learn, I guess. When I am abroad I sometimes feel like I am the face of America/Judaism/Texas. I try to act in a positive way in part because I’m just nice and in part because I want to disprove stereotypes, especially negative ones. I don’t always succeed.

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