In honor of Coretta Scott King

Pastordan had a great post today about Democrats taking a page out of the Republican playbook on religion, and turning it on its head. We need to expose this administration and the Republican party for what it really has become: a corrupt party using “religious values” in pandering ways to help the richest of the rich. Those of us who are people of faith must step forward and not allow our faith to be defined and/or dismissed by the right-wing wanna-be theocracy.

Check out Pastordan’s post to vote for which “issue of faith” could be the most politically inspiring at the midterm elections. Alright, I’ll spoil it – I voted for “economic justice.” Americans of all political and religious stripes felt heartbroken at the sight of the poor left behind by the Bush administration during Hurricane Katrina. The administration’s gross incompetence showed the Republicans’ deep disdain for the poor – adding insult to injury with the tax cuts outlined in this week’s presidential budget. This IS a religious issue – caring for the poor and disabled and weak is a value that all faiths – Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and others – hold true.

Economic justice is the next step for the civil rights movement. Before his assassination, Dr. King was about to set out on a journey to advocate for poor people in our country. Let’s take this day to remember his quest and that of Coretta Scott King. Her funeral today was a great example of how powerful this faith-based strategy could be for Democrats. Mayor Shirley Franklin, President Clinton, President Carter and others gave America inspirational messages of compassion, peace, and justice – not just throwing around the words like “religion” or “faith” or “values” to justify intolerance, war, and divisiveness. Today should be a precursor for many more Democratic faith-based speeches to come, in time for November…

2 Responses to “In honor of Coretta Scott King”

  1. dp Says:

    I implore you to read John Dean’s “Worse than Watergate.” If you want some real insight about the White House machine and what it really stands for, you will find it there.

  2. Yodeo Says:

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