Pork Soup is Racist?

This is interesting. In France right-wing groups have begun serving pork soup to homeless people in an effort to help white European people while excluding Jews and Muslims. It’s definitely a clever idea as a publicity stunt. As a Jew, this sorta bothers me in that it is directly excluding Jews and Muslims, but frankly I am just glad that any homeless people are getting enough to eat. It’s a hard life. I bet the non-Semitic homeless are pretty thankful of the Jews and Muslims for causing the righties to feed them a warm meal. Of course, the French government is trying to ban the pork soup, which as Bureaucrash points out, might cause plenty of turmoil.

I have no problem with exclusionary means of charity. If you want to help black people go to college or Christians fight alcoholism then go for it. Food Not Bombs has been providing vegetarian (and even vegan, I’m not sure) meals to the homeless for years without attracting controversy. Of course, I’m not aware of any religions that expressly prohibit vegetarian food.

It’s pretty low to be exploiting the homeless for publicity. This group, who I prefer not to name lest I boost their Google rankings, is doing this as a publicity stunt. It worked, I’m talking about them.

But I think that they can serve homeless people whatever they want as long as they disclose that their dishes include pork. Non-Semitic homeless people get fed, Jews and Muslims probably have something to bond over in a country where Jewish-Muslim violence is disturbingly high, and everyone wins. So chalk this up as an extraordinarily rare un-condemnation of the anti-Semitic right. They have certainly done worse things with their time.

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