Bam! Mazel Tov Cocktail To Your Face!

The blog world is funny. I wanted to see what the reactions were from Palestinian and Israeli bloggers (only two of many different viewpoints) about the Palestinian election. Somehow or another I ended up at Radical Torah, before this take-no-prisoners post came up. I don’t really know how I got there, as they didn’t have anything real to say except a plea for submissions about:

“Radical Torah is a weblog which features multiple takes on parshat hashavua (the weekly Torah portion), as seen through the lens of progressive religious and political viewpoints. The project seeks to create a resource of authentically Jewish responses to pertinent social justice issues, timed in accordance with their relevancy to the Jewish calendar.

Browsable by parsha, topic, holiday, and Hebrew calendar month, the goal is to put “radical Torah” at the fingertips of the Jewish social action community for which there are limited resources accessible on- and offline.

Many secular Jews who identify strongly with the Jewish social action tradition often feel alienated and repressed by our religious tradition. One of the primary aims of Radical Torah is to provide this group with Torah that is empowering and which confirms their deepest convictions towards issues of social justice. Thus, for the secular Jewish activist, Radical Torah can be a catalyst for Jewish engagement.”

Then, I ended up at Mazel Tov Cocktail. They haven’t said much of anything yet, but they have the coolest name I have ever heard, and their logo with a Manischevitz bottle is badass. Really cool design, makes me feel kinda bad about our boring ole’ theme.

So check these two out as they develop, they look like they will be valuable resources for social activists of all religions, as well as giving a Jewish framework for social justice.

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