Proselytizing Toward Jews? Get Ready For Laundry!

It’s funny. I generally don’t like people telling me what to do or think. But I actually don’t get upset when people try to convert me. I have had Hindus, Muslims, Catholics, Baptists, Mormons, other Christians and Chabadniks try to convince me that my Jewish beliefs are wrong, or at least in need of a little improvement. Suprisingly, I take their efforts as goodhearted attempts to help me. The folks who do it genuinely believe that they can help me find a more tranquil path in this life and the next if I just listened to them. While I never agree with them, I uncharacteristically view them as well-intentioned do-gooders.

That said, I believe that God is too extraordinary to be comprehended by all people in the same manner. That’s why I struggle with this whole “chosen people” thing. The Torah repeats it over and over, but I just don’t buy it. I can’t imagine why God would choose Jews over anyone else, and human history hasn’t exactly delivered an easy, chill or fun path for us Hebrews.

I am very confident that Judaism is the right path for me. But I can’t imagine ever really explaining it to a stranger in a way that would make sense, much less convince him/her that I’m right. But whenever people try to convert me it just makes me re-examine my own faith, so bring it.

Note – My friends in college had proselytizers come to their dorm and offer to do their laundry as a token of Jesus’ love. Said individuals never came to my dorm, which was known for its tawdry ways. Let it be known that of all potential converters to try their luck with me, laundry-doers will be the most well-received.


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