Supreme Court Gets It Right On Doctor-Assisted Suicide

Today the Supreme Court ruled that Oregon’s law allowing doctor-assisted suicide is constitutional. While most Jewish scholars would probably not agree with this ruling, I see nothing wrong with it. In Judaism life is treated as such a blessed gift that to end it is to reject God’s bounty. Some Talmudic interpretations call for people who commit suicide to be barred from Jewish cemetaries.

Personally, I don’t think that the last weeks of a terminal illness are that much of a blessing. Regardless, a significant population of the Oregonian population is not Jewish (it’s true), and they probably don’t care what some Jewish scholars think.

I’m always amazed at how the Scalias and the Thomases of the court are so anti-federal government usually, but always defend its overarching authority when it comes to social issues. They sure love Washington when it can strike laws down in coastal states.

By the way, O’Connor was one of the justices who voted in the majority. I wonder what happens if/when Alito will replace her.

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