Book of Daniel

God bless our new TiVo, which allowed me to watch Book of Daniel, the new NBC drama about a minister addicted to painkillers and a family with a breathtaking number of quirks – including a mother who drinks martinis all day, a gay teenage son, a drug-selling (but not drug-taking) daughter who does Japanese animation, and an adopted and very sexually active Asian son.  Frankly, the show is quite entertaining – sort of a mix of Six Feet Under, Desperate Housewives, and 7th Heaven. And Jesus even shows up from time-to-time…

Book of Daniel has received loads of criticism from the religious right for its controversial depiction of a Christian family.  I personally think it’s pretty refreshing to see a family of faith with some flaws on TV, despite the religious right’s desire to control our media intake.  I’ll be curious to see how Book of Daniel does.  My prediction:  It won’t last after this season since NBC dropped it in as a mid-season replacement and keeps changing the showtime.  But, if it does take off, it’ll be a big hit…  providing more fodder for all those red-staters who decry our nation’s lost morals as portrayed on Desperate Housewives, while their wives and teenage daughters tune in every Sunday night.


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